The conversion process can be challenging to track, but conversion tracking tools are here to help. Conversion rate optimization is a priority for many companies, and conversion tracking can be an essential part of that process. These tools will take care of the conversion process for you by seeing how many visitors have converted into leads or customers. Seeing how many leads have converted will allow you to decide which conversion strategy is best for your business!

This blog post will look at some conversion tracking tools that are helping companies like yours generate more leads and sales with their online marketing campaigns!



Conversion Tracking for Online Marketers


The first conversion tracking tool on the list is Improvely. Improvely is one of the most comprehensive conversion tracking tools out there, and it’s entirely free for up to 100 conversions per month (with unlimited budgets).

The platform offers conversion funnels that you can use to track conversion rates on your website; this way, you know which areas are working best for making more sales or leads. Not just that, but Improvely also offers conversion analytics on the back-end of your website for measuring conversion rates and revenue per conversion event (how much money you make from each conversion).

For example, you can use Improvely to see whether or not people are clicking on one ad over another; if they’re not, you can change the ad wording or find a new conversion tracking tool that you like more.

Improvely also has some pretty cool features for optimizing your website; these include;

– A/B testing (for seeing which version of an advertisement works best),

– Heat-mapping (to see where people are clicking on your site)

– Conversion funnels (to know how you can increase conversion rates).

The biggest strength of Improvely is that it’s entirely free for up to 100 conversions per month, unlimited budgets and conversion funnels. The weakness, however, is the lack of advanced tracking tools like conversion pixel insertion or event tracking pixels. Overall though, this is an excellent tool with many conversion features.




clickmagick hashtag on Twitter

The second conversation tracking tool is Clickmagick. This conversion tracking tool is a must-have.

You can use this conversion tracker for your clients, so you can help them create the best experience possible on their website and get more of what they want – traffic, revenue and engagement! Clickmagick tracks phone calls from websites as well. This conversion tracker will provide you with information about where clicks are coming from.

With Clickmagick, you can track conversion goals, set up conversion funnels and optimize your website for conversions.

Clickmagick also shows you conversion data in real-time and makes it easy to compare conversion rates across your entire website.

Another great feature is that Clickmagick can track visitors from social media, search engines and referring websites. With this tool, you’ll be able to see which marketing channels are working for your business! You also get insights into the devices people use to visit your website.

With this conversion tracking tool, you can track the entire customer journey and design specific journeys for each of your clients on different devices, separate from other websites! So no more sharing conversion data with competitors – only relevant conversion data is shared with all parties involved in driving traffic to a website.



Webmaster tools – Audit & Improve Your Website


Ahrefs is a conversion tracking tool that allows you to track any link on the web. It has some of the most accurate data and can help with keyword research, competitor analysis and much more.

Top marketers, such as Neil Patel, say: “Ahrefs is one of my favourite tools; I use it every day.”

Ahrefs pricing starts at $99/month; however, you can sign up for a free trial.

Ahrefs is a conversion tracking tool that helps track the source of your conversions; giving insight into how many leads are coming from each campaign or keyword is crucial to running an effective marketing campaign.

Ahrefs helps marketers keep track of their conversion sources, traffic sources and manage keywords. It also helps with competitor research to see what your competitors are doing in the digital space.


Google Analytics


Eight Steps to Cleaner Data in Google Analytics | by Tom Petryshen | Medium


The conversion tracking tools listed above are great for small business owners, but what about enterprise-level companies? Google Analytics is an excellent option. It has a free version that provides you with enough information to make the conversion data useful. If your company needs more conversion reporting capabilities than this, then it may be time to upgrade your conversion tools.

Another way Google Analytics helps track conversions is with attribution modelling, which allows businesses of all sizes to track conversion paths and understand conversion attribution.

Google Analytics offers some of the main features: conversion tracking, conversion funnels, remarketing lists, and display advertising integration.

The conversion tools available to Google Analytics users include:

– Site search conversions

– Affiliate conversion tracking

– AdWords conversion metrics

– Enhanced ecommerce reporting capabilities through an API connection with your shopping cart software or CRM system. The conversion data you receive will help to improve conversion rates and ROI.

– Custom dimensions

– Tag manager

Google Analytics has many conversion tools available, giving businesses all the conversion tracking they need for their online presence.



Web Analytics - KISSmetrics


Kissmetrics conversion tracking tools are cutting-edge and easy to use. These conversion trackers enable you to see your visitors with a level of detail that was never before possible, allowing for more informed business decisions regarding your digital marketing efforts. Conversion trackers from Kissmetrics include:

– Visitors Flow: this conversion tracker shows you how visitors move through your site.

– Real-Time Visitor Map: This conversion tracker enables you to see where the majority of your website traffic is coming from, as well as a real-time view of who’s on your site and what they are doing there right now!

– Demographics: This conversion tracker provides a range of demographic information about your visitors.

– Visitor Actions: this conversion tracker lets you see exactly what people do when they visit your site and how much time they spend on each page/section.

Kissmetrics conversion tracking tools are easy to use! The Kissmetrics conversion tools are so simple that you can set them up in just a few minutes. In addition, all conversion trackers created by Kissmetrics use the same login, making it easy to view all your conversion data at once!


Crazy Egg

Web Analytics - Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is one of the most popular conversion tools available. The tool allows for heat map analysis, which helps users see where visitors are clicking on a website and drawing their attention.

The tool also shows how far down they scroll and even when people leave your site without further action. This conversion analytics information can be used to increase conversion rates.

Crazy Egg has a conversion rate of 96%, one of the highest conversion rates in its industry. The tool also offers an affordable package for startup companies or organizations on a budget, starting at $49 per month with no setup fees and only requires payment if you exceed 100k visits/month.



Make sure to check out all the conversion tools mentioned above to see which one works best for you and your business.

Tools to especially look out for are Crazy Egg, as it is the most successful conversion tracking tool out there, as well as Google Analytics as it’s the best free tool to use for small-scale, as well as big companies/startups!

You can also enter your website URL into each tool’s interface and see how they operate so you know which one is the best fit for your needs. Good luck with conversion tracking!


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