Here’s the ultimate growth hacking tools list 2021

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Growth hacking tools are tools that aid in the expansion of your firm.
There are a variety of growth hacking tools on the market.
Big data an increasing number of businesses by 2021. Marketing tools are an excellent method to mine data and gain new prospects.
Here are a few examples of growth hacking tools used often.
Marketers first used slack in 2020. LinkedIn designed it as an online collaboration platform. With yearly premium subscriptions, marketers may upgrade, raise their profile, and broaden their reach.
Marketers can use Slack to schedule call-outs, email auto-responses, generate headlines, and more with the aid of an automation tool.
BuildSmart is one of the free automation solutions available to marketers. It aids in the automation of tasks, procedures, and the creation of reports.
As you can see, growth hacking tools are the wheels to a growth hacker.
Everyone needs a belt of growth hacking tools in their growth hacking campaigns.
Here are 9 growth hacking tools that will help your business expand.

Here’s the list of top growth hacking tools


The top writer is a data-driven scorecard, weekly planning guide, and editor-driven website from Hubspot.
It provides you with vital information about your company, competitors, and future consumers.
You will be able to share your data with your staff, helping them to make smarter decisions while on the job.

2.) Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a web analytics tool that allows you to track everything in your website or app.
The tool tracks where users are clicking, what page they left on, and how many of your visitors are downloading your content.
With the knowledge that Crazy Egg provides you with, you can then use this information to make your website more user-friendly.
This tool provides you with advanced analytics about their websites, social media, and marketing campaigns.
You can track conversions, increase visitors-to-leads conversion rates by up to 500%, and track how long a user spends on the site.
You can also collect data on users’ mouse movements to understand better how they could change the layout of their website to increase traffic and improve engagement.

3.) ConvertKit


ConvertKit is on its way to being a marketing guru’s favourite with tools that convert email subscribers to consumers and effective launch campaigns.
Convertkit also provides Growth Hacking tools by adding useful features such as an autoresponder, email marketing, and personalization.
You can also create emails that customers will not be able to resist. For example, growth Hackers can schedule each email campaign to be sent out on a specific day of the week.
We’ve used convert it to grow our list and get a ton of new clients. It is awesome, straightforward to use, and the support is great. 

4.) Drift


Drift is capable of converting internet traffic into consumers. In addition, drift is mobile-friendly, allowing you to deploy website upgrades, website redesigns, and newsletters with the click of a button. More significantly, you’ll learn where your visitors spend most of their time, which will help you deliver greater customer care and engagement.
Klaviyo is an excellent free email service with a straightforward one-step signup process. To begin using Klaviyo, enter your email address and establish an account with Klaviyo.

6.) Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck is the ultimate Twitter marketing tool. Companies will no longer struggle to identify their most essential Twitter users and actively connect with them while ensuring their voice is heard.
Tweetdeck allows you to schedule tweets and connect with Twitter users. Growth Hackers can also find influencers, target them, and grow their own audience.
It can be difficult to have the time of day to schedule tweets and interact with users on Twitter. You reduce workload by using Tweetdeck to schedule posts for them. If you’re on a budget but would like to boost productivity, this tool will be very beneficial. 

7.) Drip 

Growth hackers use drip marketing as part of their strategy because it is more effective than email campaigns that focus on one event. This type of campaign aims to constantly engage your audience with relevant content so they can’t wait for the next message from you.
Drip also has an email automation feature that will automatically send out messages depending on how much time has passed since you and the client sent the last communication or what someone does when they visit your website, such as filling out a contact form or signing up for an eCourse.  

8.) Springshare

Springshare is a data-driven scoring card, weekly planning guide, and editor-driven website that will provide you with vital information about your company, competitors, and future consumers
More significantly, you will be able to share your data with your staff members, enabling them to make smarter decisions in their daily work as well.
Businesses rely on this to help build trust with potential clients and ensure that they have the necessary information to make smart decisions.
It’s the perfect tool to track competitors’ traffic, sales, leads, goals, social signals, and general performance metrics from one easy-to-digest dashboard.
You can also build reports for sales representatives to understand how to work towards certain goals instantly. You can schedule emails with a few clicks of the mouse and track them with ease. 
Springshare’s library of templates, pre-written content, and email series is available for building more consistent campaigns.
 It makes it simple to create a landing page, blog posts and more. With the help of this tool, you can make your campaigns and website more engaging for visitors.

9.) Wordstream

WordStream is also a conversion optimization tool that enables companies to know if they’re hitting their targets. Companies will be able to identify where they need to improve – by changing landing pages, ads, or other means – and track conversions that will provide them with valuable insights.
Growth Hackers use this information to make smart decisions and increase value to their customers.
The most significant achievement of WordStream is providing analysis for AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns by displaying data such as the number of clicks on a particular keyword, the cost per click, impressions, and much more.


You cause Growth hacking tools to track everything from visitors to conversions on their website, or social media account so they can pinpoint where improvements need to be made.
These types of insights are critical for successful growth hacks because it helps companies understand what people want to better meet those needs in the future. We can also use these tools to track the performance of their campaigns and website and find information about competitors


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