What We Do

We help companies grow by using cutting-edge technology as a team of marketing experts who are aware, advanced, and technologically talented. We have a strategic advantage in that we don’t just build digital marketing and business growth ideas… We come up with new ideas and put them into action that have a big impact on SAAS, Defi and Blockchain Startups

Our Services

Crowd marketing

The aim of crowd marketing is to go on different targeted marketing channels and recommend a product or service – without looking too promotional but through “genuine” endorsements. We have a team of skilled virtual assistants who will create these comments across different marketing channels – who will create discussions threads about the product or service. This will create an overall positive brand image about the product or service being promoted.

Influencer marketing

We’ve created and automated an effective high-converting influencer marketing strategy that allows us to pinpoint influencers who have an ideal audience, an audience we know for a fact will engage and become users of the platform/service/products.


We create high value content across Reddit, Quora, 4Chan, Indiehackers and many other marketing channels (or we may coordinate with an inhouse content marketing team).

We have our VAs boost the post using our inhouse tools and scripts, this allows us to literally “create” viral posts by boosting the posts to the top of the subreddit/board so these posts get the most eyes.

Community building:

Community building is a great service that we provide for our clients. With community building we can create a site/forum for them so they have a place to discuss their product.

 We focus on creating a fun/engaging community by introducing giveaways, quizzes, and referrals – this helps you grow your audience organically.


We go beyond just creating a list of journalists though – we also use our tools to get their contact information, find their contact details etc…

We need to set a budget for this service, but we can get the articles published on different platforms. These articles will be helpful in marketing your product or app, and it will also help you establish yourself as an authority in your industry


We use a combination of on-page and off-page optimization to ensure the website is ranking for appropriate keywords. We can optimize pages for further keywords, monitor rankings and backlink profiles for changes that could indicate penalties or link building campaigns that are working/not working etc..