Cryptocurrency is an exciting new technological and economic development. It can bring much positive change for many people, especially in developing countries. However, it can be challenging to get started with cryptocurrency if you don’t know where to begin. The best way to start is by joining a community of like-minded individuals passionate about the same things as you!

This blog post will discuss how one might create and grow their Discord community if they want to start their crypto project or already have one but don’t know where to begin.


Creating your Discord Community:

To create a Discord community, you need first to make a server. This can be done on the Discord website or in the app.

Name the community something relevant to what you are building or promoting on Discord—for example, the name of your project + ‘community’ or #[Discord Tag]. Try and keep it basic as this will be where anyone who wants to join goes first. 

Discord Roles:

Once you have created your server, add some roles and channels. You will want to have at least these roles:

  • Owner – the person who made the community/idea or project.
  • Admin – this is the person who has been put in charge by the owner, almost like the owner’s right hand.
  • Moderator – this is the person who moderates the community’s activity, banning, removing or helping people.
  • Finally, members – these will be the people interested in your project, supporting and funding it.

The admin role should have all the permissions, except for setting functions. For example, you will set the owner and moderators to specific users to promote members or delete spam. This is important because it keeps your server safe from spammers and trolls that might join in an attempt to ruin your community’s experience. Also, make sure you set the minimum member count for each role to something like 20 or 30 so that your community doesn’t grow too quickly.

You will later add custom permissions for specific members by creating these roles. If they are a developer who needs access to the code or someone who wants to promote your project on social media in return for some tokens, give them specific permission that allows this instead of giving out all admin rights.

The server owner should have a different name to your project Discord Tag (which will be seen in chat and when you add text). This way, people can quickly identify that they are messaging the owner of the community/project.

Also necessary is how much time you can spend on managing this server. If it’s just a side project, it shouldn’t be hard at all, but if you are thinking of turning it into a business, be prepared to spend a few hours moderating and managing the server.

166. Team Chat

Discord Channels:

You will also want to have these channels:

  • Announcements
  • General
  • Questions

Channels like #announcements should be used for important updates and information about the project.

Channel #questions speaks for itself as a dedicated Q&A channel to answer any of the member’s questions about your crypto project or anything related. This is so that the #general channel, which is for general chat about the project, wouldn’t get confusing with too much unnecessary stuff. This is also a great way to help them feel welcomed and become more involved in the community.

Additional Channels:

You might also want to include a channel for media, like screenshots, videos and memes. This is a great way to keep all the project-related content in one place and makes it easy for members to find what they are looking for.

You can also have a channel for non-member supporters who want to contribute in ways other than joining the community. This could be anything from code, social media promotion or even simply talking about your project on forums and chat rooms.

The most important thing is to keep this relevant and organized, so users know where to click on a specific link or name.

This is important because it shows that you are keeping your community safe for everyone to enjoy and encourages users to join the server and start using Discord more often, especially if they have an account already from another project. Also, if people see that there is much activity going on, they might want to join in and network with other members.

Moreover, follow the Discord Community Guidelines, which outline the types of behaviour not allowed in Discord communities. This will help keep your community healthy and respectful.


Managing your Discord Community

When it comes to managing your Discord community, one of the most important things you can do is keep an open line of communication between yourself and other project stakeholders. Without clear communication channels within an organization, projects are more likely to fail, which applies directly to Discord communities.

To successfully manage your Discord community, it’s essential to be organized and have a plan. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Create specific channels for your community. This will help keep things organized and make it easier for members to find what they’re looking for.
  • Make sure the rules in the community are clear and precise. This will help keep the community running smoothly and prevent any unnecessary drama.
  • Be active and engage with your members. This will help create a strong sense of community and show that you’re invested in your project, which will keep the members interested.
  • Encourage members to get involved. This could include hosting contests, give-aways, shout-outs or just general Q&A sessions.
  • Make sure new members feel welcome. This will help create a sense of community and trust among the older members, essential for long term success.


Discord Bots:

Another way to gamify your Discord community is by using bots. Bots are computer programs that can automate specific tasks in a chatroom. For example, you might use a bot to reward users for participating in discussions or completing tasks. This will keep people engaged and help to keep the community active.

You can use various bots for Discord, and it’s essential to choose one that will fit your needs. Some popular bots include:

-Discord RPG Bot: This bot allows you to create a role-playing game within your Discord channel. This can be a great way to keep people engaged and entertained.

-Discord Stats Bot: This bot provides users with information about the channel, such as the number of members and messages. It can also track user activity to see who participates in discussions and who is not.

-Discord Trello Bot: This bot allows you to manage tasks and projects within your Discord channel. This can help coordinate activities with your team or community members.

304 Chat bot

More Bots:

You can also use Discord bots to automate many tasks you would otherwise have to spend lots of time on. For example:

  • The ModeratorBot helps monitor your server and ensure everyone follows the rules.
  • The MusicBot allows for live streaming and music sharing (great for listening to tunes while you’re gaming).
  • The TriviaCrackBot gives fun trivia games to play with your friends, family or members of your community.

A Discord community can be a great way to connect with your followers and keep them up-to-date on your project. Using the tips mentioned above, you can create a thriving and active community that will help support and grow your crypto project.


Growing your Discord Community


Now that you have your roles and channels set up, it’s time to start inviting people! You can invite friends, family, or anyone interested in the project. It’s best to keep the community as tight-knit as possible, only ask those genuinely interested in the project.

Social Media Invitations:

Be sure to promote your Discord channel in all of your marketing materials. For example, promote it on your website, in press releases and on social media. The more people know about it, the more valuable it will become.

To get people to join your Discord community, you’ll need to promote it in various ways. For example, you can post a link to your Discord server on your website, on social media and in blog posts, especially if you have a large following from another social media platform or already have an interested user base. If not, then starting small is good enough for right now since you can always work up to more significant numbers later down the line.

You can also post information about your Discord community on other social media accounts and include a link to it in the bio or even pinned posts that all will see of your followers. This way, you can get more people interested through word-of-mouth marketing, which is always an effective method when starting something new like this.

Telegram/Bitcoin groups:

Furthermore, you can also use Discord to grow your community by inviting people already in other online communities related to crypto projects. For example, you could invite members of a Bitcoin forum or a Telegram group. This will help expose your project to new people interested in it.

Telegram is a powerful platform for crypto communities, and it can be used to drive traffic to your Discord server. Creating public channels on Telegram and promoting your Discord server through those channels can attract new members interested in your project. You can also use bots to automatically post updates from your Discord server into Telegram channels, which will keep your followers up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

Another way to drive traffic from Telegram to Discord is by using pinned messages in your Telegram groups. By including a link to your Discord server in a pinned message, you can direct your followers to join your community for more information and discussion.

Additionally, If you have a website for your crypto project, you can also include a link to the Discord community. This is especially helpful if people look for more ways to get in touch with you and quickly communicate with other community members.

Finally, make sure you keep your community active by encouraging people to voice their opinions and discuss the project. This will ensure that only those interested in the project remain while discouraging potential scammers from joining.

Branding and Marketing

41. Sales Advertising Marketing

Your Discord community is an extension of your branding and marketing efforts. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your Discord channel’s look, feel, and messaging align with your project’s overall vision and goals. This includes everything from the name of your track to the banner and profile picture.

Your Discord server’s logo can significantly impact how users perceive your project. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that your logo is professional and visually appealing. You may also want to consider using a custom banner and profile picture, which can help give your channel a more polished look.

When it comes to marketing your Discord channel, it’s essential to be creative and think outside the box. People like new, exciting things on the market, and Discord is no exception. You may want to run a few contests or reward loyal users with custom perks, such as exclusive access to your community’s private chat room.

Make sure that all of the information on your Discord channel is updated and correct. This includes the pinned message, which is a great place to share important information about your project with members of your community.

Creating a strong community is about engaging with your audience and building trust. Be responsive to any feedback you receive from members of your Discord channel. When they feel heard and valued, people are more likely to continue participating in conversations on your Discord channel long-term.


Another popular marketing tactic for Discord channels is gamification. Gamification can give people an incentive to come back and interact with the community regularly. Your team might, for example, create a unique game that rewards users with points or badges. 

This can add an element of fun and competition to the channel, keeping people engaged.

Welcome Your Users

One of the best ways to start building a community for your crypto project is by welcoming new users. When someone joins your Discord server, be sure to greet them and introduce them to the other members of the community. This will help make everyone feel welcome and encourage people to stick around and participate in the discussion.

You can also create a channel specifically for new members, which will give them a place to ask questions and get started. This is a great way to help them feel welcomed and become more involved in the community.

GIFs & Emojis

119 Sad

One of the most fun ways to bring people together in your Discord community is by using GIFs and emojis. These are great for expressing emotions, making jokes or getting excited about something you like (even if it’s unrelated to crypto). This can be done quickly through, and various other emoji sites, which you can search for yourself depending on your needs.

GIFs and emojis are great because they allow you to be creative while also allowing people who may not speak the same language to communicate with each other in a fun way. Another reason why these tools have been so successful is that Discord includes a wide variety of GIFs and emojis that you can use in your chats, so people don’t need to search for them on other websites.

Text Decorations

Using text decorations is another way to add some fun visual flair to your Discord chat. This can be done by pressing the “/” key on your keyboard and then typing in one of the following commands:

/b – Turns your text into bold

/i – Makes your text italicized

/u – Underlines your text

/s – Strikethroughs text

You can also use these formatting options to make things stand out, such as when you’re writing a question or when someone is trying to call attention to something. It’s also suitable for breaking up text into sections, so it looks too overwhelming and hard to read.

Use Informative Titles and Images

The game’s name is informative titles and images when it comes to Discord. The first thing that potential members will see when they visit your server is either its name or a banner image. So make sure that these are attractive and immediately representative of what your server is about. For example, if you’re running a server for a specific project, you can use their logo as an image.

On top of this, the title should be descriptive and informative to create intrigue – not just another boring generic server name like “Discord Community” or something equally uninspiring. You have room on your banner to include some text too, so take advantage of that to give a summary of what your server is all about.

Traffic and Activation

One of the most important aspects of a Discord community is getting people to join and be active. There are a few things you can do to help with this:

-Make sure your Discord server is listed on your project website and social media profiles.

The more places people can find it, the better!

-Add a link to your Discord server in the project whitepaper.

If people can’t find where they’re supposed to go, they won’t join. So make sure you add links everywhere!

-Make it clear what role everyone has on the server — moderators and admins should be easy to identify, so users know who is in charge of which channels.

This will help reduce confusion and make the community more organized.

-Encourage people to join by posting announcements about your Discord server on other online platforms (Telegram, forums, social media, etc.).

Make it as easy as possible for people to find and join your community!

Once you have a few members, it’s essential to keep them active and engaged. Here are a few things you can do:

-Create channels for specific topics related to your project, and encourage users to chat about them.

This will help keep the conversation flowing and give people something to talk about.

-Run contests and giveaways on the server.

People love free stuff! Contests and giveaways are a fun way to get people interested.

-Hold AMAs!

AMAs are a great way for users, and potential investors, to learn more about your project directly from the team. It will also help encourage other community members to participate in related topics.

-Keep an eye on the chat and answer any questions users may have.

If someone asks a question, do your best to answer it! This will help foster community growth by encouraging people to ask more questions when they don’t know something. In addition, you can learn what topics need clarification to improve documentation for future readers.

You should also make sure to update users on your project’s progress — it will keep them excited and engaged.

Take a look at what other projects in the crypto space are doing with their Discord communities:

You can learn how Discord effectively and get some good ideas for community growth strategies!

Server Listings

Discord is an excellent way to get your project in front of new people and grow your community. It’s also a wonderful place for people interested in crypto projects to come together and talk about the latest news and developments.

There are a few ways to list your Discord server on websites and forums.

One of the most popular ways is to add your server to CryptoCrawl’s Discord rankings. This will get you some immediate exposure, but it won’t last for very long. If people find your list there and begin joining, they might not know what else to do with themselves if there are no other members online or no activity in the channel.

This is why it’s essential to make sure that you have a plan for growing your Discord server.

168. Select Menu

Organise Events

One way to start growing your community is by hosting events. Begin with simple online events like “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions and casual, weekly chats where people can share their thoughts on the project or any questions about it. It would be best if you also considered inviting special guests for interviews and other exclusive activities from time to time. Finally, keep your community up to date by posting regular updates about what is going on at the company and how you’re meeting milestones, feature announcements and airdrops etc.

You can also host real-world events for different geographical areas or cities where significant numbers of crypto enthusiasts are interested in participating. This can help you build a more personal connection with your audience and allow them to meet each other in person.


To grow a crypto community, the admins must use Discord efficiently. There are many ways to do this effectively, and one of them is by using communities as ICO bounty campaign groups. If you want an example of these types of groups, then I highly recommend checking out Crypto Bounty Hunter or Crypto Signals. These are two of the most popular Discord communities for crypto projects.

In conclusion, using Discord becomes easier once admins understand their role in a community and manage it well. This way, they can grow a wider audience without having any problems whatsoever.

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