The Top 10 Marketing Agencies for Startups

Top startup marketing agencies

Startup marketing agencies can really accelerate the growth of a startup because the success of a startup company depends on how well they can market themselves. Unfortunately, the marketing field is an extremely competitive one. Many different agencies offer their services to startups looking for help in this area. This blog post will give you some insight into which agencies might be the best fit for your business and what kind of help they can provide based on your needs!

Why should a startup hire a start-up marketing agency?

Marketing agencies can be an invaluable resource for startups that need help getting their message out to the masses. However, marketing is not just designing a logo or writing copy. It encompasses so much more than that!

Agencies have experts in various fields, including graphic design, web design and development, public relations (PR), social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

Agencies can provide startups with the necessary resources to get their message to reach a wider audience. This is vital when trying to compete in such a competitive field. Of course, agency relationships are not for everyone, but if you’re looking for help reaching your target audience, an agency might be right for your business.

Ninja promo

Ninja Promo

Ninja promo is a new york-based digital agency founded in 2017. Ninjapromo aims to help brands with their customers by creating personal connections from personal to digital. Furthermore, they strive to offer their clients a unique, one-of-a-kind experience by focusing on their needs.

Ninjapromo offers complete creative services that include branding and design from logo creation to website design and development and content production and effective community management.

Big Ideas Machine

Big Ideas Machine Logo

Big Ideas Machine (now known as Big Games Machine) is a startup marketing agency and a PR agency for B2B software. They aim to bring SEO content and innovation with their inbound expertise to create the best possible results for clients’ businesses.

Their goal is to be the BIMarketing agency of choice for startups. They strive each day to make this a reality by building long-term relationships with clients, partners, and influencers. With this, they can create meaningful connections that deliver results.


Evestar Logo

Evestar is an eCommerce-based marketing agency based in Florida. It’s formed by a team of entrepreneurs who grew a 1 billion dollar startup.

They help startups find scalable growth by building an effective marketing plan that maximizes awareness and acquisition.

Their team of experts can provide a comprehensive set of hands-on services that enable startups to focus on their core businesses while handling marketing efforts.

Evenstar has over 3 years of experience in helping startup companies grow and would be an excellent choice for any start-up seeking an agency with extensive knowledge and expertise in this field.


Bloom Logo

Bloom is another startup marketing agency based in the UK; it’s a great choice for startups who are just getting off the ground and need guidance making their way forward!

It’s ” the startup marketing agency of choice for the UK’s leading entrepreneurs”, as claimed on their website.

Bloom has claimed that their clients have been named in the UK top 6 startups, with their work featured on Sifted, Independent, and Startups Magazine.

This agency would be a great choice for startups looking to make themselves known in Europe as they have a strong focus on this area.

This marketing agency can also help startups pitch their ideas, secure funding, and much more; these features make Bloom an invaluable asset for most startups.

LaunchSquad – Launch your startup.

Launch Squad Logo

Launchsquad does one thing for clients, and that is to produce amazing work for clients.

Their marketing team puts in a lot of hours and is fully committed to achieving success for each client they work with; this level of commitment has led them to be such an important asset for startups.

Their goal is to help startup companies grow by providing them with the expertise, guidance, and ability their clients need to succeed in this field.

They provide content creation, customer acquisition strategy, conversion optimization, and design & development of responsive websites.

They’ve worked with companies such as Coursera and Heart Radio and have provided real-world results that can prove to just about anyone the quality of their service.

BAMF – The bible of startup marketing agencies

Bamf Logo

BAMF Media is a full-stack growth hacking firm that is one of the most sought-after growth agencies in Los Angeles. They’re well-known for their ‘LinkedIn Bible,’ which is a compilation of best practices and strategies for growing your LinkedIn account while also developing your personal brand.

BAMF Media has collaborated with TEDx, Mixmax, Voo, and Autopilot, which really distinguishes this business from the competition.


Bravr Logo

Bravr is a full-service digital agency in Europe with SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Data solutions expertise. It’s on our top startup marketing agencies list because they provide an amazing experience for startups.

They have over 15 years of experience working for clients worldwide on projects as diverse as delivering marketing campaigns to building web portals and online courses.

They have a passion for all things digital and are always up to date on the latest trends in this field.

Limelight digital

Kimelight digital logo

Limelight Digital is included in our startup marketing agencies guide because they understand that no two businesses are alike and have established themselves as leaders in digital marketing, which includes search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and social media advertising and management.

Limelight Digital has a deep understanding of the strategies that work for certain businesses and can provide an effective marketing strategy customized specifically for your startup.

Their team comprises experts in digital marketing, copywriting, and design who are always up to date on the latest in digital marketing trends.


Rainmakrr logo

Rainmaker is an award-winning global marketing agency. They have a diverse range of clients and are experts in their field, with some of these beings; Nike, Adidas, Beats by Dr Dre & Unilever.

Their goal as a startup marketing company is to provide you with the best services to help your business grow no matter what stage it is at and where in the world you are.

Their services include content marketing, strategic planning & analysis, creative development such as graphic design for print or digital media, and web design with SEO best practices integrated into every project they do.

Awesome the “Awesome” marketing agency for Startups

Awesome Logo

Awesome, as the name suggests, is Awesome. They are a New York-based UI/UX design and marketing agency specializing in tech startups.

They’ve helped around 65 founders since 2011, including Udemy, Skift, and Wanderfly.

Their core competencies include design, branding, and marketing strategy.

Something worth noting is their teamwork ethic. The entire company operates as a lean startup to ensure that most can complete every project with minimum fuss or expense. This is something essential for startups who are strapped on cash but still want an effective campaign.

Awesome also has a group of experts who constantly test new features and updates to ensure that their clients always have the best possible user experience. They’ve been able to provide this service since they’re completely self-funded. This means there’s no need for your startup to worry about paying any upfront fees or waiting on VC funding to get started.

Things to look out for when choosing the right digital marketing agency for your startup

There are many digital marketing agencies, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here are a few things you should think about before making your decision:

  • Services offered – different agencies will offer a wide variety of services, and it can be difficult to figure out which agency is best for you. Keep in mind that bigger agencies are less likely to provide the more niche, specialized service that smaller companies might specialize in. It’s also important to find an agency within your budget and offers the service you need.
  • Your budget – Startups usually have limited resources. So it’s important to find an agency that is within your budget. You don’t want to be paying a hefty price for an agency that doesn’t have the time or resources to help your company grow and develop.
  • Industry experience – some agencies might be more experienced in certain industries than others, so it’s important to check out how many startups they’ve worked with before.
  • Agency culture – you need to ensure the agency has a good, lively work environment where people are happy and eager to collaborate. This will help minimize any potential creative stagnation or mental fatigue.
  • Location: If you’re looking for international startup marketing agencies, it’s important to check out their location. See if they provide international services; if you’re a local startup, you might want to find a more local agency.
  • Agency size – this is important depending on how big of an agency you want because if they’re too small, they’re resources or workforce to deal with your startup’s needs. If they’re a larger agency, they might not be willing to work with a smaller startup with a lesser budget.



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