Growth Hacking Case Studies

Sound Decisions Growth Hacking Case Study Image

How we helped SoundDecisions increase lead generation by 5x in 5 months

SoundDecisions is a VA Agency that offers clients flexibility and allows them to scale with ease. They move at the speed of their clients, while providing the best service possible in order to meet their ever-changing needs. 

This well-known corporation was having trouble generating leads through its digital marketing efforts. They only received low-quality leads as a result of their marketing strategies, resulting in a low marketing ROI.

They required a plan. They asked Growth Hacking Space to assist them in implementing a successful sales strategy.

SoundDecisions has been using our service for nearly six months. We have been helping them with all their marketing efforts to increase sales using successful and tested Growth Hacking techniques.

The challenge

SoundDecisions had marketed their service offering with little to no cohesion prior to working with us. As a result, their attempts to run commercials and create email campaigns were unsuccessful. Growth Hacking Space devised an approach to rethink their marketing strategy, set up tracking and reporting to track their progress and increase income, as well as leads for SoundDecisions. 

AARRR Systems provides full-service customized distribution. They needed a strategy.  Growth Hacker Space helped them implement a winning strategy to increase sales. 

We specialize in content marketing, and this is how we were able to provide a unique Growth Hacking strategy to help SoundDecisions increase its sales and revenue.

Our Growth Hacking strategy primarily helped them in promoting their products by targeting low competition through content marketing on high traffic sources like social media, forums, blogs etc., 

increasing website traffic and improving user engagement/conversion rate through A/B testing and analyzing data. 

We wanted to implement a Growth Hacking Strategy for Sound Decisions – Increase traffic to their website – Convert visitors into leads through content marketing efforts – Build brand awareness in the marketplace by using social media channels like Facebook, Reddit, Linked In etc.

We had various strategies under one umbrella which included: Optimization of low competition by creating high-quality content on blogger/authority sites. Creation of lead capturing pages based on keyword research. We first analyzed our client’s site from a technical perspective and gave valuable insights regarding the area they required improvement upon which helped them get two steps ahead of their competitor immediately.

Finmark Growth Hacking

The Challenge

Finmark was stuck at the bottom of page 3 for search queries like “financial model” and there were no articles about them in any major media. They were not even showing up when people searched directly for “Finmark.” 

Our sales channels used to be a combination of social marketing + cold emails, but this method was too slow to scale as they had to send out so many emails with very few responses, the mistake they made was not optimizing their campaigns enough.

Our approach

Content marketing was the core of our strategy, and it worked well for these three reasons: (i) it scaled quickly; (ii) more importantly, it added value to potential customers rather than selling directly; and (iii) we were able to reach out to the right people at Finmark.

Scalability (i) Content is sticky and it attracts more organic traffic which in turn attracts even more content – so there’s no limit to this channel once you get started. It’s why Google loves sites that create a lot of unique and quality content, because there are always new readers and new potential customers. We took this approach with Farrah Bivens, the writer behind Freelance to Freedom. Finmark published a lot of her articles on their blog, and it attracted links from various sites like Business Insider, VentureBeat, etc; which was good for SEO (search engine optimization).


Content marketing works very well for startups because the content provides value to people visiting their site (not trying to sell them on something), and yet increases awareness about Finmark.

We distributed content across several different channels such as Reddit , GrowthHackers, Growth-Startups, and every blog Finmark had a relationship with. Our content marketing efforts were mainly focused on driving traffic to the website and converting site visitors into free trials.

We also changed the structure of the website, using something like Hotjar  to see where people were dropping off. We had to be careful that our changes didn’t affect the user experience, but we did find a few ways to improve things and make it easier for users to sign up for Finmark, get access to the tool and sign up for the paid product.

Community Building

The next part of the strategy was the community-building aspect of it. 

We build a community of advocates who believe in their products. It’s about getting early adopters to test your product and give you feedback. We built a community through Discord which would allow us to communicate with the users of the platform.

We were able to identify the people who had downloaded our app and ask them for feedback about the product. We gave incentives for positive reviews and free subscriptions (usually 1 month) in exchange for honest feedback. This had a great effect of boosting our ratings because we kept improving the product, this allowed us to retain more clients for the product. (Retention phase)

The revenue model

The next phase was Revenue. We had to think of a good revenue model .

Originally , we had the freemium model, where he basic  services were free and more advanced features needed to be earned by making models. It had a low barrier of entry, so everyone could try it out without paying for anything.

So we decided to change this by introducing a limited  free trial for 14 days, and after that, a monthly subscription to the advanced features.

Our revenue model is based on MRR (monthly recurring revenue). It’s important to keep an eye on your cash flow in order to not run out of money before you have enough users.

We split tested the best revenue model and decided to take this approach.


Growth hacking worked for Finmark. We made a lot of progress towards the goals that we set out to achieve in terms of driving traffic and growing the community.

We were able to increase the sales of Finmark as a result by 10x in 90 days , and we are on track to reach a target of $25,000per month recurring revenue by the end of April 2021.