As a leader of an organisation, you are constantly faced with the ongoing task of creating strategies to accelerate growth, that’s what a growth leader needs to do.

As organisations grow, they often struggle to motivate their employees to keep pushing forward. An excellent way for leaders of these companies to create this motivation is through effective leadership.


When it comes to being a growth oriented leader, you are constantly being pushed into uncharted territories. Therefore, you must be able to develop strategies that are both new for your team and can work towards the organisation’s intended goal.

These obstacles can be challenging as it requires an individual who possesses strong leadership qualities

The strongest leaders share many of the same attributes, including taking action above perfection, giving control for others to thrive and going all-in on their decisions.

The following is a list of the top 7 attributes that growth leaders need to be able to adapt to create successful strategies and motivate employees, and fulfil a successful growth leader job description.

1. Taking action above perfection

Action above perfection - growth leader

business growth leaders know they cannot perfect your growth strategy before you try it out, so take action above perfection and prove to your team that you are willing to do what it takes for them.

Your company will never reach its full growth potential if you wait for the perfect time or everything to be in place beforehand.

Taking action above perfection can help your team see that you are not afraid of pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

You can do this by embracing the mindset of “take bets.”

2. Gives control to others

Give Control to Others - Growth Leader

Try not to micromanage, but instead trust your employees with the strategy and give them the authority they need to succeed.

It is essential to trust your employees and give them the control they need to succeed as a growth leader.

When you give control to others, it shows that you are confident in their abilities and trust them to make decisions that will help move the company forward. It also sends a message that you are dedicated to creating an environment of trust and openness.


This type of mindset can help motivate employees as they feel appreciated and know that they can make a significant contribution to the company. It can also help build a sense of ownership among employees, which can lead to them feeling more invested in the company’s success.


4. Growth-orientated leaders Goes all in on decisions

Goes all in - Growth Leader

Be confident in your decisions, and don’t second guess yourself, even if the result of a decision makes you uneasy.

A growth leader is fully committed to the company’s vision, and they are not afraid of making decisions that may be difficult or cause some type of discomfort.

When you go all-in on a decision, it shows your team that you are fully committed to the organisation’s success and not afraid of failure.

A growth leader knows that sometimes you have to take risks to achieve great things. You can do this by embracing the motto of “going all in.”

When you go all in, it shows your team that you are fully committed to the organisation’s success and that you are not afraid of failure.

It also sends a message that you are taking the necessary steps to achieve the company’s goals, no matter what it takes.

This kind of confidence allows your employees to feel more invested in the company and have a greater desire to work towards the organisation’s success.


5. A Growth Leader Take bets:

Takes Bets - Growth Leader

You can’t always know what will work, so take chances on certain aspects of your strategy to see if they have any chance of success.

Believe in yourself and your team, even when you don’t have certainty.

It is easy to get stuck in a cycle of indecision without taking bets where you are constantly trying to figure out what will work best.

Trying something new or challenging the status quo can allow for a growth mindset to flourish, and it can help an organisation push boundaries and reach new levels of success. However, it is difficult for this mindset to take hold without taking bets, as there is no willingness to try something new or change the status quo.

Not changing the status quo can lead to stagnation. Employees look elsewhere for opportunities to work in environments where they feel they can make a more significant contribution and truly be appreciated.

A growth leader knows that for the company to grow, it has to take chances and challenge itself by trying something new or reimagining how things are done.

It can be challenging to empower your employees and encourage them to take risks if you are unwilling to do so yourself.

Take bets on different ways of thinking or new ideas so that your team feels empowered and motivated to push the boundaries.

This mindset can help motivate employees as they feel appreciated and know that they are being trusted to think critically and offer alternatives to the norm.

5. The Growth Leader Grows from learning from your mistakes

Learns from Mistakes - Growth Leader

When a growth leader fails at something, reflect and determine what you will do differently going forward.

People make mistakes, so don’t be hard on yourself when a particular approach doesn’t work out.

Admitting mistakes can be difficult for managers, especially if they fear that doing so may damage their credibility or perception among team members. However, this mindset is utterly counterproductive as it can prevent people from learning and growing.

A growth-oriented leader accepts that errors are made, but they can quickly move on because they don’t fixate on failure.

By reflecting quietly on what went wrong instead of getting angry or emotional about it, you allow yourself to more fully absorb what you could have done better in the future.


6. They Drives from vision

Drives from Vision - Growth Leader

Growth-oriented leaders can inspire and motivate their employees by creating a clear vision for the company’s direction.

You can achieve this by clearly defining what success is for the organisation, not just what it takes to get there.

The visionary leader must communicate this vision to translate it into something that can be used as motivation for employees.

By staying true to the vision, growth-oriented leaders can persevere despite any roadblocks that may arise along the way.

Such leaders can take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves without veering too far off course.


7. Great Growth Leaders Hires ‘A’ players

Hires A players

A great growth leader will hire individuals who possess qualities you expect to come with working in your organisation, such as passion and drive, and who will be a good fit within the company culture.

It is necessary to find individuals who can accomplish their work and that of others.

A growth leader understands that by hiring employees who possess these qualities, they can fill any gaps within the company and take it to the next level.

Growth-oriented leaders will be able to build a team of high performers, but such individuals are also more inclined to come up with ideas that help propel the company forward.

By focusing on hiring employees who embody these qualities, growth-oriented leaders can build a cohesive and effective team that is willing to try new things and let the company grow to new heights.

It is important to remember that everyone has their flaws, so don’t expect your hires to be perfect. However, it’s better to have suitable employment which isn’t perfect than a bad hire who “is” (or thinks so).

Why Growth leaders matter:

Businesses today are being faced with an ever-changing landscape, which means that leaders need to be able to adapt and think critically to find the best way forward.

With so many options available to people who have not yet settled into a specific role or lifestyle, leaders must have strategies to allow them to continue growing as the market shifts.


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