The 5 Step Guide to Pinterest Marketing


What do you think about when you hear the word “Pinterest?” More than likely, you will think about something that a woman would enjoy doing, such as shopping for clothes or cooking. Pinterest has been an effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and industries! It’s one of the greatest growth hacking channels out there, therefore the concept of Pinterest Marketing is an interesting one indeed.


Pinterest is the largest social media platform for business, with over 200 million active monthly users.

 With so many companies using Pinterest, it’s essential to understand how to increase your visibility on this platform.

  • What are some tips for attracting followers?
  • What are some techniques I can use to get my pins noticed by others?
  • How do I make sure people click my link when they re-pin one of my images?

These are all questions that arise when someone begins their Pinterest journey.

 Pinterest is one of the most expanding social media sites. But, it remains a mystery for many people.

 In this post, we’ll show you how to get started with Pinterest Marketing so that your company can begin developing an online following and engaging with prospective consumers!



It’s quite a long article, you can read this summary if you don’t have time.

  • Your Pinterest profile should represent who you are as a business and the audience or niche you serve.
  • Make sure all the board titles on Pinterest use keywords relevant to your business.
  • Find out what interests people in your target demographic and follow them on social media.
  • Find content relevant to what you want people to share on Pinterest that is helpful or entertaining.
  • Joining community boards is a great way to grow your following and engage with other Pinterest users.
  • Use keywords in your pin’s caption to improve visibility for people who do searches related to those words.
  • Don’t leave empty or incomplete boards on your Pinterest account. Please don’t overdo it when pinning the same item several times a day.
  • Try out different pins – regular pics, videos and quotes.
  • Do some keyword research to find out what kind of pins you might want to post.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media sharing site where users can create and share images or “boards” organized around specific themes. Pinterest has many uses for marketing your business. It also offers valuable insights into what interests people in general!

Pinterest has more than 175 million users, with about 30% of them logging in daily. Pinterest now drives as much traffic as Twitter and LinkedIn combined!

Why is Pinterest so popular?

130. Social Media Advertising 2


Pinterest mainly shows stunning pictures with a short explanation. They are usually stunning pictures competing for your attention. Shared for a purpose. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is image-based rather than content-based.

Because the Pinterest audience is mostly female, the site has grown in popularity among companies marketing to women. Pinterest, on the other hand, offers benefits for all genders: it may help you reach your target audience wherever they are on the internet.

Users also love being able to pin images from blogs or websites, so they don’t have to go looking elsewhere. It also makes those images more visible with higher chances of ranking well in search engines.

Pinterest users share content over 800 million times each month. This helps build brand awareness through re-pinning. When people comment on pins, their friends see it too. This means increased visibility and interactions with potential customers who may not even be following you yet.

How to grow your business on Pinterest

Here are several steps you can use on Pinterest to market your business.

Optimize your profile:

Pinterest profiles are very visual, and what you put in your profile influences whom Pinterest shows your material. Thus, your Pinterest profile should represent who you are as a business and the audience or niche you serve.

  • Your bio should be clear about the goals of your Pinterest account.
  • Include links to other social media accounts where appropriate.
  • Make sure that all the board titles on Pinterest use keywords relevant to your business. You can change them later, but Pinterest will suggest your account to a relevant niche when you have the appropriate keywords. The same applies to your profile.
  • Add a link to your website in the “about” section of your Pinterest profile.

Create your first five boards:

 Creating your first boards is very important, as it sets the tone for your Pinterest page and for the things that will pop up on your feed after that.

 Pinterest offers suggestions based on what you have pinned or liked. Follow the Pinterest instructions to start your account with a few boards. Do this by pinning stuff from other people until you have a board filled with images/quotes of a specific topic.

Select a target audience and define their interests

113. Training

Pinterest is a great way to find your target audience because you can see what interests people in general. So it’s worth finding out what your target demographic likes and following them on Pinterest!

When you are browsing boards, be sure to read the descriptions with an eye towards how they might apply to what you do. Doing this will help you find potential followers by being relevant to them. Also, researching your competitors is vital when defining your target audience.

Pinterest suggests a list of boards that might be of interest to you based on your interests. Be sure to take the time and click through each one.

You may use content research to determine the aesthetic approach you should use when generating pins depending on your product or service.

You should compile a list of Pinterest users who are pushing pins that are similar to yours and utilise this information to create even better pins. You will have leverage over your competitor’s pins in this manner so that your target audience follow you and interact with your pins more than your competitors.


Identify content to share on Pinterest that is relevant to what you want to promote or sell

 Make Pinterest helpful content, fun or entertaining for people to share, which will help promote you even more.

 Promote other pinners on Pinterest as well. Find their boards that have similar interests to yours and give them shoutouts by commenting on pins they post, re-pinning from theirs and liking their content.

Leverage Pinterest SEO

SEO can leverage your Pinterest marketing efforts. It’s important to make sure Pinterest content is high quality and relevant. It affects how your content ranks in their search algorithm/

 High-quality images are key! Pinterest now ranks search results based on the popularity of pins that use rich media like video clips or sound files.

 Use keywords in your pin’s caption, which will improve visibility for people who do searches related to those words

 Include captions with complete sentences so they’re easy to read. This also provides valuable information about what you want customers to know about the products/services you are promoting.

 Frequent Pinning keeps followers engaged and interested. New material means more chances to rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) owing to the Pinterest impact on SEO.

 You may also want to consider creating boards related to keywords because more targeted content always has better chances of getting a higher ranking on Pinterest than less specific content with broad appeal.

 Try out different pins: regular pics, videos and quotes on Pinterest are all engaging. Keep followers engaged and interested by posting often enough that their feed stays exciting but not too much. This is because they’ll unfollow you because there’s nothing new. There needs to be a delicate balance.


 Join community boards

314 add friends

Joining Pinterest Community Boards is a great way to grow your following and engage with other Pinterest users.

 There are boards for almost every topic imaginable, so no matter what you’re interested in or who your target audience might be, there’s likely a board that will help you reach them!

 Joining community boards is also a great way to find new content ideas. For example; if there’s a Pinterest board related to the topic of one or more of your boards, it can be wise to join that board and follow the Pinterest users who are already members. This will help you find content to share with your followers.


How to find Pinterest community boards

Conduct a Pinterest Board search. Here are some steps to do so.

  • Pinterest’s search function has several options to help you find the right community board.
  • Pinterest search filters include “boards” meaning that you can find out what topics are popular on Pinterest and narrow down your searches to those boards or at least see which topics have a lot of Pinterest activity, so that way you know whether the board is worth joining.
  • Once you’ve filtered the search, you can find boards with collaborators like this. These are community boards you can join and post your content.


 What not to do on Pinterest

We’ve talked about what you should do to leverage Pinterest for marketing purposes, now let’s move on to what you shouldn’t be doing

02. Stop

Don’t be inconsistent

Pinterest is a social media network, and you want to be active in the community.

That means it’s essential for your followers to see that you’re there, so they know what posts are coming from you!

Pinterest’s “popular” section features the most popular pins and boards, thus increasing your chances of becoming viral.

Try out different pins: regular pics, videos and quotes on Pinterest are all engaging!

Don’t Leave Empty or Incomplete Boards

Boards can get lonely if they’re not populated with pins or are just left incomplete. So don’t forget to upload content and fill out the description to make your Pinterest board enjoyable.

Other pinners will be discouraged if they notice empty boards on your account because they may believe you don’t post enough or that you don’t care about making your boards seem clean and attractive. The aesthetic appearance of your boards is critical to your company’s visibility on the platform.

Don’t Pin Anything and Everything:

Only post content that is relevant to whatever you are promoting

Pin high-quality content frequently to keep your following growing and engaged with your brand

When you’re pinning items several times a day, try not to overdo it, particularly if they’re identical. Because of how much time you spend looking at pictures on Pinterest, it may be a tiring social media source. Pinning the same item several times a day may be irritating, and people may question why you’re spamming your pins.

Don’t forget about keyword research

Since Pinterest has a search engine algorithm. It’s essential to spend time researching keywords for your Pinterest account. Do this so that people can discover and pin your material.

 The search bar on Pinterest will help with keyword research or if you’re looking for specific pins related to certain topics.

 To get more followers, you can also utilise Pinterest’s “Search Interests” tool to see what kind of pins are most popular in your field. In the form of “keyword recommendations,” they may be comparable to SEO keyword research.

 Doing some keyword research also allows you to find out what kind of posts you might want to post within Pinterest.

 The pins with the highest impressions tend to rank higher; you can study the most successful pins and incorporate them into your pins.




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